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's decomposing body. no word on the person's name or manner of death. >>> the family of a hercules woman found stabbed to death in her home will hold a memorial vigil tonight at 8:30. 55-year-old susie ko was found dead in her home, her family said she been stabbed. they are asking to you keep an eye open for her light blue, 2011 subaru outback with plate number: 1 a 1 f 680. >>> president obama coming to the bay area today to make a last dash for campaign cash. parking restrict s and signs springing up outside the inter-continental hotel in san francisco where he has an event late this afternoon then the civic auditorium for a concert and rally headlined by john legend. before the concert, $20,000 per person dinner prepared by celebrity chef alice waters and tyler florence attendedded by quarterback smith. last night the -- the president spoke at the nokia theater in los angeles. he says he marvels at how performers perform flawlessly night after night but cannot say the same for himself poking fun at his performance in last week's debate. >>> you don't have to wait until november to vet earl
for several more days before finally leveling off. >>> a murder mystery in hercules where a woman was found dead last night in her home. her car stolen from the garage. police have no suspects and few clues in the killing which has left friends and neighbors stunned. here's the story. reporter: family, friends, rushed to this house on ash court, where police say a woman's body was found inside. >> i don't believe it until i come here. oh, shocking. is shocking. reporter: neighbors say the woman living here for 25 years was suzy ko and was supposed to pick her husband up from the airport last night but never made it. her husband called the neighbor and entered the house and found her lying in the entryway and told police there was blood around her body. the victim's blue subaru outback was missing from the garage. >> this is a tragedy. it doesn't matter what neighborhood it happens in, killing or robbery is just a tarring. -- tragedy. doesn't matter where it happens. it's a tragedy. >> she was really nice. nobody had any complaints with her. just sad. reporter: besides being well-liked on th
bodybuilder by the name of reg park, and i read that he became hercules in the movies, and how much he trained and how he won the mr. universe contest three times and all that, to me, this was the road map for me to go and do exactly the same thing. to train five hours a day, become mr. universe. that's of course a lot of working out to become mr. universe but i progressed and had so much talent and so much will and so much fire in my belly that i became at the age of 20 the youngest mr. universe ever. from then on, i won one world championship title after the next and basically dominated but it was having that vision in front of me and chasing that vision. when i trained in the gym and everyone was running around huffing and puffing, i had a smile on my face in the gym. i couldn't wait to do the next squat with 400 pounds. i couldn't wait to do the next 20 chinups. i couldn't wait to do the next 500 situps because to me, that meant one step closer to achieving that vision and turning that vision into reality. >> can you still do the 400 pound stuff? >> i cannot do the 400 pound stuff anymore.
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)